what we want


The main goal of DialogAm is to cut down the barrier of the language on the American continent by means of intercomprehension.

Intercomprehension is a mode of communication where each one express himself in his own language and understand the language of the other. Intercomprehension wants to be a solution of international communication equitable, an alternative to the imposition of an language that favour one or several nations.

Recent academic research, undertaken under the aegis of the European Union, made possible developing methods which quickly give access to understanding of several related languages. These methods which only require to be adapted to the American continental context, make it possible to shorten time and effort necessary for the training of another language and this, of three manner:

  • Teaching to read and understand other languages, not to speak nor to write them.
  • Optimizing the multilingual training according to the relationship of the languages
  • Coping with an imperfect but functional understanding.

America has a unique chance; Large majority of its inhabitants speak only 4 languages on the whole: English, Spanish, Portuguese and French.

The approach of multilingual intercomprehension, developed to reach the vast European linguistic diversity is, consequently, even more realizable in America.